Day: February 8, 2012

The Jeremy Lin Phenomenon

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After two big games in two big wins for the struggling New York Knicks Jeremy Lin has become the toast of New York City. What’s remarkable about this is that the NY Giants just won the Super Bowl and Lin has still found his space in the sports section.

Lin’s surprisingly exceptional play comes just at the right time for the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony has been fighting injuries for most of the season while Knicks point guard Toney Douglas seems to be fighting with the rim that he hits constantly with his errand three point shots. Rookie guard Iman Shumpert is talented but has failed to run the Knicks offense effectively.

Eventually, coach D’Antoni got tired of his players trying to get him fired with their lethargic play and gave Lin the keys to the Knicks offense which now looks like a Corvette instead of a 1995 Buick Regal.

Although Lin has only played like a superstar for two games, the MSG crowd has embraced the 6’3″ guard from Harvard. His smile and his ability to run the pick and roll are hard to ignore. There is no doubt that his Asian and Ivy League roots play a part in the buzz surrounding him and probably even played a role in the opportunity he was given to show his talent up to this point. Lin has finally been given a shot at being a starting point guard and so far has a A+.

The absence of Baron Davis and the absence of Toney Douglas’ talent will definitely give Lin an opportunity to prove to the league that these two games are not a fluke. Hopefully he can be an All-Star guard for the Knicks for the next ten yeard. However, if that does not work out he can always become president.


Does Valentine’s Day Matter?

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Valentine’s Day is next week Tuesday and some couples are still scrambling to find the right gift and get that all important dinner reservation. While couples search for plans, singles are either indifferent about the holiday or frightened at the fact that they may spend Valentine’s Day  on Facebook looking at photos of those aforementioned dinner reservations. The question lost in this mix of all you can eat cheesy bread and sitting alone in your room watching Jersey Shore reruns is, does Valentine’s Day really matter?

Should couples look to ONE day to show their love for each other? Should singles go hard starting on February 1st to ensure they will not be alone on February 14th.

Couples should act out their love for each other everyday, not just on a holiday. However, the hustle of working hard in school or trying to get that promotion at work sometimes leaves us little time to do so. There is nothing wrong with making sure on a certain date all of these distractions and obligations take a back seat to your significant other. Men especially need a reminder to be mushy everyone once in a while even if its only once in February.

Singles should not place so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day. If you are feeling single and lonely, spend it with single friends. Single people should not go on desperation Valentine’s Day dates. The awkwardness experienced on that date will drive you to drink large amounts of alcohol that may lead to a large amount of regret. If you are single and there is someone who you like that you get along with, ask them out, see what happens. It could start a love connection or a physical connection, which could be just as valuable.

Some say Valentine’s Day is a day created by retailers. Others say Valentine’s Day has become more about material goods and less about love. I say lighten up and enjoy the festivities. Life is too short to scrutinize a holiday that does not even come with a day off. No matter what your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day can be a great day…As long as your ex is not around.