Top 10 Reasons Solange attacked Jay Z

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This afternoon TMZ released the most amazing video of the year. Solange Knowles (sister of Beyonce Knowles, because most people don’t know or have forgotten who Solange is) was caught on video in an elevator attacking hip hop mogul Jay Z. Beyonce, Jay Z’s wife and Solange’s sister stood by and took no action. The attack has led to the creation of some very entertaining memes and tweets. Many people are curious as to what got Solange so angry that she would resort to physically assaulting the Jigga man. Here are the top ten reasons why Solange attacked Jay Z:

10. Solange thought that if she hit Jay Z in the mouth and his lips swelled up, no one would notice.

9. Jay Z gave Memphis Bleek a 5% raise on his allowance while Solange’s was only 2%

8. Blue Ivy repeatedly called Kelly Rowland her pretty aunty

7. Jay Z told Solange she could join Roc Nation if Pandora created a playlist for her

6. Solange wanted to create a video that more than 10 people would watch

5. Beyonce asked Jay to name a Solange song with out using Google

4. Dame Dash promised Solange a deal if she took care of Jay Z

3. Jay Z can’t remember Solange’s kids names

2. All the passion Solange hasn’t put into her music just exploded in that elevator

1. Jay Z told Solange that she reminded him of Amil

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