Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Fails to Reach No. 1 Spot on Billboard Hot 100 Chart | Complex

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So close.

Source: Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Fails to Reach No. 1 Spot on Billboard Hot 100 Chart | Complex


Self Preservation for the Self-Less

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The most fortunate of us get to see our parents always put their needs to the back burner for us. Their sacrifice prepares us for a successful future and sets a great example. The kids that are aware and appreciative of these self less acts take this approach into their future relationships. As we grow into adults with established senses of our strengths and weaknesses, we use partners/friends to compensate for both. For people we care about/love we use our strengths to help them with their weaknesses and rely on their strength to get us through our tough times. This only works if a balance exists regrading the level of sacrifice each party chooses to exercise.

The sacrifices made do not necessarily have to always be equal. In most relationships (romantic, friendship, brother, sister, etc.) one party is stronger than the other. This strength comes as a persons ability to see the bigger picture when times get tough in a relationship. This strength comes as a persons ability to step up or step back if needed. The most important job of the strong person in any relationship is to make sure the “weaker” person never actual feels weak while they are together.

The strong person in any relationship has a lot of responsibilities. However, this person must also be strong enough to take care of themselves. All too often we get caught up in making sure everything/everyone around us doing well while putting our own needs to the back burner.

Finding a balance in this situation is extremely tough but necessary. No one can fully support another person without supporting themselves.

While it is easy to draw strength from strong people, the main challenge is finding strength in ourselves. The best way to do this is to take note of all the ways you have already had to be strong. Whether it was strength in a professional or personal setting, it all matters. We can all draw strength from times we decided to step up or step back. It takes immense strength to walk away from things that we know cause us pain and halt our progress. It also takes strength to step up and be accountable for past mistakes.

All in all we cannot forget to take care of selves. And anyone who truly cares about you, will not let you forget that.



New ‘Batman v Superman’ Pics Feature Wonder Woman & More | Complex

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New 'Batman v Superman' Pics Feature Wonder Woman & More | Complex


When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in 2016, just four years will have passed since the final entry (The Dark Knight Rises) in Christopher Nolan‘s universally revered Dark Knight trilogy. With the consistently interesting Zack Snyder in the driver’s seat, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stands a better chance of establishing its own identity in the increasingly crowded sphere of comic book films…

New ‘Batman v Superman’ Pics Feature Wonder Woman & More | Complex.

Dave Chapelle On David Letterman

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Comedy legend Dave Chappelle sat down with David Letterman to talk about his upcoming shows at Radio City Music Hall and touches on his motivations for leaving Chappelle’s Show